“A Parenting Story” is a one act, one-person 90-minute play, directed by Andrea Southick, that examines the joys and heartaches of raising children.  Bill draws upon his many years as a professional stand-up comedian and father of three to present a hilarious, heart-warming and compelling story. Within a simple living room setting, Bill’s “Everyman” character uses a special Father’s Day to recollect and take the audience on a remarkable tour from babies to grandparenting.  You will laugh deeply as you wipe a tear from your eye on this real-life emotional roller coaster ride that he simply calls his “parenting story.”  It will touch a nerve, some bone and certainly your heart as it explores his parenting journey.


It has received awards and honors everywhere he has presented it with reviews like

Andrea Southwick has been a professional actor, director, teacher and coach for over 25 years as well as the Director of Education at The New Repertory and a faculty member of Emerson College’s Performing Arts Department and The Voice Studio in Boston.

“A Parenting Story” is available for hire at business and organization events.