Bill Campbell | Unique, Experienced Comedian
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Bill has hosted Campbell's Comedy Corner since 1998 with top professionally touring comedians as guests.

Feel free to contact Bill for information about hiring him or any of his guests.
Campbell's Comedy Corner

Campbell's Comedy Corner is an award-winning 'Iz hour comedy show produced by Chelmsford TeleMedia in their studios in Chelmsford, MA before a live audience. Since 1998 it has been broadcast over cable channels throughout New England and the USA. The show is hosted by Bill Campbell, a 3S-year veteran stand-up comedian, who has performed all over the world in nightclubs, theaters, colleges, corporate affairs, and cruise ships. Nationally recognized stand-up comedians are featured in a format that allows them to not only perform their material but also share personal experiences in what Bill calls a "Comics Talk Shop" interview.
Here is a sampling of comics who have been guests of Campbell's Comedy Corner:

Jimmy Tingle       Johnny Pizzi       Ace Aceto
Tony V       Jimmy Smith       Dan Margarita
Mike McDonald       Ed Regime       Ryan Gartley
Julie Barr       Brian Powers       Peter Bowers
Rick Jenkins       Improv Asylum       EJ Murphy
Bill Braudis       Tony Moschetto       Matt D
Bob Siebel       Jim Colliton       Joe Wong
Jon Fisch       Mary Ellen       Rinaldi Don White
Katy Grady       PJ Thibodeau       Bob Gautreau
Tom Gilmore       Quinn Collins       Tom Hayes
Brad Mastrangelo       Jack Lynch       Paul DiAngelo
Harrison Stebbins       Cory Manning       Rick Baretta
Mike Bent       Steve Bjork       Brian Longwell
The Walsh       Brothers Charlie Hall       Jimmy Smith
Rich Gustis       Bob Siebel       George McDonald
Tom Clark       Chris Pennie       Johnny Joyce
Mike Cote       Mark Scalia       PJ Walsh
Mike Donovan       Chance Langton       Sharon Simon
Joe Carroll       Artie Januario       Deb Farrar-Parkman
Jim Lauletta       Mitch Stenson       Dave Rattigan
Mike Dorval       Steve Guilmete       Bill Picard
Frank O'Donnell       Ira Proctor       Bethany Van Defft